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The Walking Dead: Onslaught

Survios ◦ VR Action Combat Game ◦ Unreal Engine 4 ◦ 2019
Game Trailer
Role on Project: Senior Technical Designer
  • Game Systems Scripting

    • Oversaw integration of Dialogue System across the entire product, establishing and standardizing all data pipelines and setting up all key scripting systems required.

    • Responsible for training team members on the use of this system, as well as reviewing data implementation across the entire game.

    • Took up a variety of gameplay and systems scripting polish tasks across the product.

  • Campaign Scripting

    • Implemented and polished scripted gameplay across all of the campaign missions. Refactored a variety of prototype systems and mechanics across the campaign to account for multiplayer replication and proper scripting standards.

    • Designed, oversaw, and implemented all tutorials for the campaign to cleanly on-board players on a variety of unique action VR game mechanics.

    • Polished and standardized core mission systems related to checkpoints and mission progression across the full campaign.

    • Reviewed and oversaw the work of junior technical designers on various implementation tasks.

Role on Project
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