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Big Rumble Boxing

Survios ◦ MGM Studios ◦ Boxing-Focused Fighting Game ◦ Unreal Engine 4 ◦ 2020
Role on Project: Senior Game Designer
  • Combat Design and Prototyping

    • Developed the prototype for the project, creating the foundation for data-driven actions using UE4's Gameplay Ability System. Created an initial class hierarchy for all abilities in the game.

    • Setup initial data structures and abilities for attack and defense actions, and assisted in updating these over the course of development to improve iteration time on the combat design.

    • Initial setup and support for gameplay effects and calculations related to damage, stamina, and super meter attributes.

  • AI Design and Implementation

    • Worked with a senior AI programmer and the action selection system he developed, creating a fun and challenging fighting game AI tuned for a more casual audience.

    • Collaborated on the development of AI systems to accommodate the combat design of the game, trying to make the AI match a player's actions as closely as possible.

    • Developed and maintained the state machine that defined the AI's combat behavior, including offense, defense, and locomotion.

    • Modified and extended AI systems in C++ and Behavior Tree where necessary, creating and editing things like action selection conditions and locomotion behaviors.

    • Defined, maintained, and tuned the full array of concepts and values that defined the AI's various behavior states and actions, tying these to variable difficulty modifiers (easy, normal, hard).

  • Minigame Systems Implementation and Design Oversight

    • Created a foundation for the entire minigame management system in C++, initially developing a holistic, extensible, and modular system that could be passed off to develop unique minigames with different mechanics in a shared framework.

    • Oversaw design and reviewed the scripting of contract developers (designers and programmers) that took the above systems to implement different minigames.​​

    • Helped to complete the development of minigames and bring them to final shippable quality.

Role on Project
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