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Sprint Vector

Survios ◦ VR Adrenaline Platforming Racer ◦ Unreal Engine 4 ◦ 2017
Role on Project: Level Designer
  • Level Design

    • Developed and iterated on six multi-player race maps and nine single-player challenge maps with three modes, working independently on most of these maps to manage level design pipeline.

    • Worked with Environment Art to see creative vision of the race courses maintained.

    • Offered AI setup support for several maps, and worked with AI programmer to design the tools necessary to implement AI in complex platforming race courses.

  • Scripting - Provided scripting support on hazards and UI.

Role on Project
Challenge Map Design
  • Difficulty curve designed for mastering advanced locomotion mechanics.

    • In Sprint Vector, players can run, drift, glide, double-jump, climb, and fling their way along the tracks. Each of the challenge maps focuses on different subsets and interactions of these mechanics. To this end, they are single-player content that supports teaching mechanics to be applied to multi-player racing.

  • Designed for three gameplay modes.

    • Time Trial is the classic mode of simply attempting to achieve the best time possible.

    • Coin Collection has a ticking-down clock, and the player collects coins to add to the remaining time. The placement of coins defines radically different paths through the tracks that force players to understand the limits of the locomotion mechanics.

    • Hardcore puts the player in permanent Overdrive, a racing power-up that lets them run with an uncapped acceleration and much higher maximum velocity. This, like the above, ultimately allows the players to define completely new runs through the course as their jump distance is expanded considerably.

Challenge Maps

Challenge Map - Coin Collection Run on Precipice (Matt BuildsThingsVR Youtube)

Challenge Map Videos

Challenge Map - Hardcore Mode Run on The Gauntlet (Matt BuildsThingsVR Youtube)

Race Course Design
  • Level design defined by a three-tier race course structure.

    • The first tier is the lowest path of the course, defined by clearly indicated roads, signage, lighting, and hazards. This is the path of the course that a beginner should not have too much trouble running even on the most advanced courses—a necessary design choice given the low online player population of VR.

    • The second tier is where shortcuts start to come into play. Jumping using seeming obstacles to cut corners, running along the walls and outer structures of the levels, or discovering secret holes and side paths.

    • The third tier of the course is the one taken mostly by advanced players. It is defined by high-flying boosts, clever usages of the environment, and effectively timing jumping and maintaining careful directional control. It is constantly intertwined with the lower tier paths, which allows players to see others using hidden shortcuts and also the opportunity to fire offensive power-ups at the players who take these paths

Race Courses

Race Course - Commentated Race Run on Machine Death (gooboberti Youtube)

Race Course Videos

Race Course - Commentated Race Run on Burning Necropolis (gooboberti Youtube)

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