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Greenlit on Steam ◦ 3D platformer ◦ 15-person team ◦ Unreal Engine 4.8.1 ◦ 5 months ◦ 2015
Role on Project: Level Designer
  • Level Design

    • Iterated on challenge design to push the boundaries of unique magnetism-based mechanics.

    • Designed large-scale levels, facilitating player freedom and mobile gameplay.

    • Placed a large emphasis on making environmental visuals compliment and assist gameplay.

  • Environments

    • Worked heavily on environmental design; asset placement, clutter, lighting, terrain, and decals.

    • Cooperated with art department to establish asset set needed for the game world.

  • Scripting - Scripted and set up level streams to create a seamless experience with no loading screens.

Role on Project
(Trailer edited by Isaiah Everin)
Game Summary

Scrapped focuses on utilizing magnetism-based mechanics to reward discovery and experimentation. The player controls the naïve robot, C23, exploring and making their way through a dangerous and strange scrapyard environment. In each level, players must evaluate their surroundings, determine their preferred pathway, and reactively jump, attract, and repel to their intended destination. Throughout their route, players encounter environmental hazards, one-step solution puzzles, and skill-based challenges.

Game Summary


Fun Emergent Gameplay. Use simple mechanics that encourage and reward discovery and experimentation.


Personality-Driven Character. Create a distinct robotic character that embodies a sense of curiosity and naiveté.


Compelling Environments. Develop an imposing scrapyard environment that is visually engaging and immersive.

Game Pillars
Mini Post-Mortem

What Went Well

+ Agile team that demonstrated high efficiency and fluidity in development

+ Nailed milestones time and again through strong interdepartmental efforts

+ A lot of testing and iteration led to polished systems and gameplay

What Went Wrong

- Team had trouble finding its feet in the first month of development

- Underestimated systems ended up being somewhat out of scope

- Unique visual theme led to huge time sinks in environmental construction

What Was Learned

Larger teams can become unwieldy without proper cross-discipline planning

A feature won't flourish if no one on the team is passionate about it

It is very difficult to design and iterate on unique gameplay with a small project


Full Game Play-Through (14:55)

Play-Through Video
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