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Survios ◦ VR Action Wave Shooter ◦ Unreal Engine 4 ◦ 2016-2017
Role on Project: Mission Designer & Scripter
  • Mission Design and Scripting

    • Design and implementation of unique hazards and sub-objective systems for each mission. Scripting for these systems was done for networked online play.

    • Tools design for enemy wave structure. Managed and re-balanced enemy waves for entire game, with separate balancing for retail and arcade.

    • Arena design, environment construction, and all level scripting for Missions 6, 7, and 8.

    • Scripting support on Missions 4 and 5, planning on Mission 10.

  • Systems Scripting

    • Significant lobby, tutorial, and in-game menu re-work and streamlining.

    • Designed and implemented narrative systems, including collectible tablet items, in-game lobby video displays, codex database setup, and all UI for displaying this content.

Role on Project
Variety in Mission Design
  • Mission 5, "Extermination"

    • ​​Inspired from movie sequences like the laser grid in Resident Evil, dangerous security lasers float across the room, creating dynamic physical hazards for the player to engage with in VR while managing the combat mechanics of the game. 

    • The lasers' movement was scripted with a robust and extensible event structure that allowed for a lot of variety and rapid iteration to improve gameplay.

  • Mission 6, "Cataclysm"

    • Bringing a new kind of variety to the mission structure, each floor of these ascending data chambers is shuffled every time the mission is played. This required researching and executing unique streaming solutions in UE4 to achieve this with static lightmaps.

    • Each floor and wave is populated with generators that the player must destroy. Given the shuffled floor structure, these placements are also varied, positioned in more difficult-to-reach spots later in the level.

  • Mission 7, "Soul Decrypt"

    • This mission is the biggest and most unique in the game. It has a linear structure, with the player riding a tram through botanical gardens to a genetics facility.

    • There are two major arenas: an outdoor sand garden and an indoor meditation chamber. The second zone spices up the gameplay with randomly transforming walls that change the arena layout.

    • Both arenas are defined by a hallucinogen mechanic, forcing the player to hide within the protective barrier of glowing orbs or suffer hallucinations of shadow enemies appearing out of sight.

Mission Design

Mission 5, "Extermination" (MasterGamingVR YouTube)

Mission Videos

Mission 7, "Soul Decrypt" (shane4games YouTube)

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