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Writing Samples

A selection of game writing, fiction, and scriptwriting projects ◦ 2011 - 2019
Game Writing

Adventure Time Scene (2016) - PDF (10 pg)

Speculative scene written in the style of a branching dialog adventure game.

"A Sorcerer's Tricks" (2016) - PDF (10 pg)

Speculative Quest Design Document for The Witcher 3, including dialog samples.

D&D Campaign - Lore Handouts Sample (2016) - PDF (3 pg)

Examples of three items of world lore that the players found in the first arc of the campaign.

D&D Campaign - Region Description Sample (2019) - PDF (8 pg)

Campaign setting notes for a city built on the ruins of a fallen gnome empire.



"Lewis and Rolland" (2014) - PDF (1 pg)

Very brief excerpt focused on high-drama character interaction, from in-progress novel.


Redwood Ocean (2011) - PDF (2 pg)

Very short story focused on unique voice and compressed narrative structure.


"Prologue" (2014) - PDF (7 pg)

First chapter of a mythological fantasy series set in modern day, from in-progress novel.




"Outlands" (2013) - PDF (5 pg)

Scene written in scripted format, based on concepts for a high-fantasy novel.


Campus Tragedies (2011) - PDF (6 pg)

The aftermath of campus vigilante justice, produced as a short film for a student workshop (below).


Voice (2010) - PDF (31 pg)

A short play about the early days of an artificial intelligence and the relationships of its creators.

Game Writing
Film Projects

Note: I also captured footage and edited the trailers for the student game projects featured on this site.

Film Projects

"Campus Tragedies" (2011) - Writer / Director / Cinematography / Editor

Video for Discontinued Campus Alternate-Reality Game (2013) - Editor / Motion Graphics

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