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Escape into Storm

Stealth and action infiltration mission for Crysis 2​ ◦ 10 weeks ◦ 2015
Design Achievements

This is the combination of two smaller levels made in courses focused on FPS level creation. The mission's design gives the player an opportunity to become better acquainted with the limits of the stealth mechanics in Crysis 2, though the entirety of it is open to any playstyle.


  • Level Design - Made effective and fun use of both stealth and more combat-oriented mechanics.

  • Environments - Brought a war-torn Manhattan to life using a diverse range of assets.

  • Lighting - Made dramatic use of Cryengine 3's superior lighting system to compliment gameplay.

  • A developer video covering the content of the mission and its creation can be found below. 

Design Achievements
Mission Summary

This is a stealth and action mission created for the first-person shooter Crysis 2 using Cryengine 3, and it is designed as a small sub-mission area created to prove skill in FPS level design.


The player enters the mission into a train station that used to be an outpost to receive supplies using the trains, but now C.E.L.L. soldiers have taken control of it. The player has multiple combat methods available to get through the station. Primarily, they can find a silenced pistol at the beginning, which offers the option of stealthily taking out opponents. After exiting the subway, the player stumbles into the middle of one of C.E.L.L.'s smaller defensive positions, recently attacked by the Ceph. The player's nanosuit identifies key communications targets to destroy that can disrupt C.E.L.L.'s ability to track Alcatraz on his mission through the city.


The level is a combination of two smaller levels that I created, the first half (in the subway) being a level called Station Escape and the second half (above ground on the street) being a level called A Storm. Combining the two short levels led to a more fulfilling gameplay experience, as well as an interesting visual contrast between the interior and exteriors using the assets of Crysis 2.

Mission Summary

Developer Walkthrough (14:32)

Developer Video
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