Rocket Shepherd

3d Game Jam Game ◦ Unreal Engine 4 ◦ 3 Days ◦ 2015

Development Goals

During our summer break, a group of Guildhall students came together for the July Epic Game Jam. In preparation, we clustered together in a pizza place and waited excitedly for Epic to announce the theme of the jam. The theme ended up being "Rocket and Roll" in celebration of the release of Rocket League.


We had trouble coming up with a fun idea for this theme. After hours of debate and discussion, we steered toward the player rolling around an alien planet using rockets from the sky to blow up the surface and find precious gems. Our first test with Unreal's destructible mesh system, though humorous and amazing to watch, revealed that a destructible planet was not viable from a performance perspective.

Keeping the features we had (a rolling character exploring planetoids with rockets from the sky), we somehow ended up with Rocket Shepherd, an experimental game in which the player herds cute, rolly-polly animals around using rocket explosions. Combining a cute style with dark humor, the goal is to roll the animals to a sacrificial pedestal where they're fed to a giant space worm. To add some challenge, predators periodically appear to eat the animals.

Developer Walkthrough (Fullscreen)

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